From Misery to Bright Future: Changing of Indian Women’s Marriage and Social Status

By Lindsy Long & Julianna Wu 23-year-old Sefali (not real name) has been wearing her wedding dress for seven days. Under the huge pressure from family and police, she has been desperately waiting for Manoranjan, the man she met and fell in love with while in law school, who does not belong to the same [...]


Vancouver Drum Circle – Ambitious Drum Beach

Brahm's Tams Vancouver Drum Circle, one of the coolest sites of the city since it started 10 years ago, has been brighten the 3th beach of Stanley Park on "every sunny Tuesday". No matter young or old, family or friends, drummer or dancer, local residents or tourists, people dances till sunset in heated drum beats [...]

Photography Summer 2015 – Canada

我不去想身后会不会袭来寒风冷雨   既然目标是地平线   留给世界的只能是背影 -- 汪国真       


Photography Summer 2015 – USA East Coast

 I say ye, ye, ye, they say no, no, no; They say slow, slow, slow, I say go, go, go.--Rule the World