Bitcoin price recovered from the influence of China’s ban as people hold faith on its future performance

By Julianna Wu JMSC Reporter Hong Kong - Bitcoins rose seven percent in value on Tuesday, reversing some of the recent declines caused by China’s ban on cyber currency trades within the country. The exchange rate of Bitcoin to the US dollar has increased to US$3,920 on Tuesday morning Hong Kong time, according to CoinDesk, [...]


“A Cheated Future” – Investigative Long-form Story

This is the hunor project as a journalism student in Hong Kong. The multi-media interactive content and long-form investigative text are dedicated to show the skills I've gained the four years' study of journalism WHAT'S THIS STORY IS ABOUT? More than a half million Chinese students were studying overseas in 2016. Agencies which charge extortionate [...]

15-min on Localism: a Documentory about HK’s “Sudden” Raise of Localism

8th, Febrarury of 2016, a rather violent riot between some local citizen and Hong Kong police force outbroke on the street of Mong Kok.  Two years after the Occupy Central Movement, Hong Kong drove world's attention again for its political struggle. This time, localism parties and some activists stood out to justify the behaviour of [...]

Twisted Improvement on China’s Marriage Policy: Love in an Oppressed Age

How society's gender equality were generally improved yet the choices for free marriages decreased during China's Cultural Revolution, in which time Mao's ideology affected everywhere in people's life.  by Julianna Wu It is called an anniversary of the “golden wedding” if you’ve been married with someone for more than 50 years. For half of the century, Grandpa Zhang [...]

An Usual Way Summing Up 2015: Annual Lunar New Year Fair of HK

by Julianna Wu Lunar year new fair is one of the biggest traditional event in Hong Kong. In the year of 2016, the city's political parties set up booths in Victory Park as usual, to promote their political values and to interact with their supporters. The past year's important issues and topics also show themselves in [...]