15-min on Localism: a Documentory about HK’s “Sudden” Raise of Localism

8th, Febrarury of 2016, a rather violent riot between some local citizen and Hong Kong police force outbroke on the street of Mong Kok.  Two years after the Occupy Central Movement, Hong Kong drove world’s attention again for its political struggle. This time, localism parties and some activists stood out to justify the behaviour of violence:

“Sometimes, only a rather radical method would work well,” said student activist Dice Wong in the interview.

As a group of three, we, Fred Lai, Sharon Shi and me, got to think about what’s the definition of “localism”, where was it come from and what dose it mean to the city’s current political enviroment. Is it a new breakthrough to solve the dispute between Beijing central government and Hong Kong, between different political views, between activists and police, between the Chief Executive and the public?

In order to produce a satisfactory argument, we went through historical materials, raised questions to different parties, and observed the city. Hope this documentory, if not make you more clear about Hong Kong localism parties’ rasing in recent years, could at least give you a start point to think about the city’s future.

Julianna Wu


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