Vancouver Drum Circle – Ambitious Drum Beach

Brahm’s Tams Vancouver Drum Circle, one of the coolest sites of the city since it started 10 years ago, has been brighten the 3th beach of Stanley Park on “every sunny Tuesday”.

No matter young or old, family or friends, drummer or dancer, local residents or tourists, people dances till sunset in heated drum beats by the sea with ease and joy.

However, problems occurs when people breaking the park’s rule by bringing alcohol and cigarettes to the Drum Circle. “Every 10 people that came that are good, there are several people not so good, and they bring not so good things,” said Brahm, the founder of the Vancouver Drum Circle.

Brahm would pick up trash on the beach after every Tuesday’s party volunteer: “If it is to be, it is to me,” he said: “if you want to achieve something, start it from yourself.”

Drum Circle has grown from three drummers, four people into more than 50 drummers and 10,000 people each time. “Right now we take a third of the beach, one day we will take the entire beach!” said Brahm.

(The video is a production of Hong Kong Baptist University students in Vancouver, they are: Julianna Wu Qiyao, Echo Lei Ou and Arial Song Yingjing)





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