“Flowers everywhere” – Occupy Central Photo Slideshow

This slideshow records the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong in a unique perspective. The movements which have been planned for months are attempt to express Hong Kong people’s desire of democracy. It started with students boycott class protest at the end of September and moved to thousands of citizen’s  Occupy Central movement in two weeks.

The photos were took from 29th September to 1st October 2014, from  Tamar Park to Mong Kok and the Central.


1, The crowd of student-protesters dispersed when night came to the Hong Kong Chinese University. It’s the beginning day of the whole event.

2, Some people walk towards the MTR station hastily without give a look to the huge hanging poster of boycott.

3, The other day at Tamar Park.

4, While listening to a open lecture.

5, The opposite saying of boycott, which were moved away half hour later silently.

6, “National Song” in Chinese lying on the ground several steps out of the democracy discussion yard.

7, Several people wrote down something on their notebook and listened carefully to the lecture.

8,  “Discover the truth under Hong Kong’s housing problem”, given by Yao Songyan, the associate professor of Hong Kong Chinese University, the Department of Geography and Resource Management.

9, Next to the speech stage there are protesters already fall in sleep for tired.

10, Democracy discussion under the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

11, Mong Kok protesting scene the other day, most people were dressed in black.

12,  Some volunteers had to stand out  to told people to move, instead of staring at the bus, for they had stuck the walkway.

13, Volunteers were called to be cautious for there were some passers-by and travelers took the protester’s support goods away for own usage.

14, Stick saying”let’s meet at the Central” calling for a protest from Admiralty to the Central.

15, The old man is scolding something irregularly to the passer-by.

16, At the Central, a man is washing the yellow paint on the ground hardly and he resisted our interview.

17, Yellow ribbons were cut and given to babies and olds, protesters and travelers.

18, “I just want to make some contribution to Hong Kong by my own hands.”

19, “I’m 81 and my wife is too sick to hear anything, I  came to Hong Kong 40 years ago, before that I was almost executed in the Cultural Revolution of China. The students are well-done and i just naturally want to support them.”

20, “Do you want to have a cake or not?”, they asked the protesters.

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