T’s Day – Photo Slideshow

T is a violinist came from Xiamen, China. He graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University two years ago and now serves as a violin teacher in a musical instrument store. He also has several part-time jobs in schools and stores which all let him keep a comfortable life well in Hong Kong.

Following T for almost whole day, here is what his life is like through camera.



1,  Wake up with mass

2, T lives in the hall of the small unit

3, T helps to clear roommates’ cigarettes

4,  Ahhhh breakfast from school’s canteen

5,  Might be late for work

6,  “I brought a book to read”

7,  First time work at this girls school

8,  Can’t go inside to watch T teaching, sad

9,  Before get in, T said:”This tea restaurant looks really good, see, a lot people eating there. ”

10,  He is a fond of lovely and interesting decorations

11,  Stop to have a cigarette

12,  Come by friend’s shop at Central

13,  “I may bring luck for your store, just wait, there soon will come a lot of customers!”

14,  “Without my violin i’ll have no difference with those office workers.”

15,  He just suddenly look outside to where the beautiful sun light spreading at the street.

16,  Attracted by the news while doing exercise.

17,  That not the end of the day.Finally got this violinist playing violin.


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